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too many blessings to count…

on October 17, 2003

this past weekend has really made me think about all of the blessings in my life… but, long past due is a tribute to one of my oldest friends…. jennifer rogers.
jen and i first met in grade 9…. umpteen odd years ago, and we have been friends ever since. she has seen me through boyfriends and breakups, my wedding and pregnancies… a few tears and countless times of laughter.
jen was there for me unconditionally while i was struggling to deal with my post partum depression. a simple phone call and she was here as soon as possible…. in fact, i'm surprised she hasn't gotten any speeding tickets lately! she would come over, just sit with me, and let me cry. i didn't ever have to tell her the reason, she was just a huge support by not leaving me alone. even when i thought i wanted to be left alone, jen was calling, checking on me, and being generally annoying. she was one of the major factors that pulled me through the depression. i can always count on jen… she is such a constant and stable feature in my life that i don't know what i would do without her sometimes.
so, jen, this one's for you…. i want you, and everyone, to know what a fabulous person you are. i only wish that i could do more for you in return!
i love you and i am so very glad that God put us together and we've remained friends for so long.
here's to many more years of all the crazy stuff that keeps us together!!


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