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Two Zookeepers… many Hooligans… It's always feeding time at this zoo!

a new favourite…

on October 10, 2003

Bear in the Big Blue House is our new favourite show. we get to watch it every night right before bed on treehouse. this show is not grating on an adult, and who could help but to love those fuzzy characters!! i think treelo is my favourite… aside from bear of course!

Bear in the Big Blue House features a charming cast of Muppets that educate and entertain through childhood exploration. The series introduces a group of wonderful new characters. Bear, the host of the half-hour show, is exuberant, playful, curious, funny and filled with civility and concern. He speaks directly to the audience and invites them into his home each day to play, learn and sing with his friends Tutter, the mouse; Ojo, the little bear; Pip and Pop, two otters; Treelo, the lemur; and Luna, the moon. Together they explore such diverse concepts as art, water, shapes, gravity, friendship and safety.

you know, i think i even learn some things from this show!!


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