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Shopping, weddings, and overnighters…

on October 6, 2003

What a weekend! First, on saturday, lovely al took me shopping to get a sweater for a wedding we had that day. nothing like leaving it until the last minute to force you into a decision! so, off we went first thing in the morning to walmart with ephraim snuggled in the backseat, and keyzia at home with daddy. we actually didn't dawdle…. well, not too much, anyways.
so, then to zip back home and get everyone ready for the wedding, and keyzia ready for her overnight trip to gramma and grampa's house. an hour later than we intended, we were on our way to drop keyzia off.
the wedding was beautiful. the bride, carla, was absolutely gorgeous. the reception was fun, we sat with an aunt and uncle of ja's who are really super. ephraim was only slightly cranky… and he got admired by everyone.
then we zipped back to peterborough (we only called to check on keyzia twice!!) and stopped briefly for the tale end of a care group meeting at hani and shera's place. after ephraim adding his 'toots' to our prayer, we went home to bed. whew!!
it was weird not to wake up to “momma, daddy!” and giggles from the bedroom, but on the upside, we did get to sleep until 9:30! kevin johnson came by at 11 for a visit, and mom and dad brought our beastie back at 2… along with dinner. lovely!!
so, while it was a crazy busy weekend, and we missed our beastie, it was nice all the same… unfortunately, once again we got no housework done. sigh. but, what can ya do?


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