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Gently, Lord

on September 12, 2003

Love me gently Lord. I'm hurting now.
I've lived to see Your sovereignty, You've taught my knees to bow.
I've caught glimpses of Your glory, I've seen Your righteous ways,
But right now I need You, Father, just to face another day.
You have promised not to always be exactly what I please,
But You give sweet assurance You're exactly what I need.
I need a gentle Father and the lullaby He sings,
“Let me tuck you safely underneath My healing wings.”
Love me gently, Lord, I'm hurting now.
You said, “Take your cross and follow Me.” I beg, please show me how.
To celebrate my weakness that in You I might be strong,
When desperation grips my soul, a moment seems too long.
Oh, God, what noble plans I had to do this whole thing right!
Now I fall before You wounded, and I've lost the will to fight.
There are soldiers all around me, they're depending on me, too.
I fear I've nothing left to give. So, again I ask, CAN YOU?
“I'll love you gently,” He says, “I know you're hurting now.
You've oft revered My sovereignty, your knees have dropped to bow.
If only you could see things from My throne's point of view
You'd see glimpses of My glory are fast at work in you!”
“I'll love you gently, Let me soothe your hurting now.
I've said, Pick up and follow…I'll do more than show you how.
I'll turn this Throne of Brilliance into a rocking chair
Crawl aboard, My precious child, and I will rock you there.”
Beth Moore


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