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Some advice about timing…

on August 18, 2003

well, for all you kooks who actually try to plan your pregnancies, i have decided, in my nine months pregnant wisdom (believe me, i have never been more intelligent than right now!!), that babies should be conceived sometime in september (yes, russell, this advice is directed at you!!)… and here are the reasons…
1. september, especially the evening, is much cooler to actually be…. ummmm…. conceiving the baby.
2. summer is pretty much over, so by the time the baby starts wreaking havoc on your body, you don't have to battle the heat too much.
3. this way the baby will be born sometime in may… i mean, let's face it, the best kids are born in may! šŸ˜‰
4. fall and winter maternity clothes are way nicer and easier to find than summer stuff.
5. pay attention, because this is the most important reason… IT ISN'T SO STINKING HOT!!!
so, please take my advice into consideration, and then you may not have to have such a whiney blog as this has been for the last few months!


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