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ummmmmm… surprise??

on August 11, 2003

al threw me a surprise baby shower yesterday!! or, should i say, she TRIED to throw me a surprise baby shower… unfortunately, i had refused to go anywhere, and ja had to tell me about. however, i really was surprised when ja told me!
we got a lot of great presents… me, the beastie and the new baby, and it was sweet to have everyone there. also, totally unexpected… i must say, it's really too bad that i was such a stubborn ass! sorry everyone!
if any of you are heading to a baby shower anytime in the future, diapers are the way to go! add a bag of diapers to any gift, and, if they're the wrong size, walmart and zellers will exchange them with no problem!! you can ALWAYS use diapers. we also got a home from the hospital outfit, some blankets, onesies, a calendar, blankets, and all kinds of stuff. some frozen dinners so no cooking for me!! even keyzia got a bunch of big sister presents which was great. our biggest goal is to NOT make her feel left out.
you can see someshower pics here, or you can click on the side bar.


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