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the longest month in the world…

on July 22, 2003

8 months down, one to go. i think that in pregnancy the very longest month is the last one. especially when it's so hot, and when i think this baby must weigh at least 20 pounds. sometimes i get ja to stand behind me and hold up my tummy for a little bit of relief!!!
the once a week dr's appointments are going to start now. in fact, i have to go for a blood pressure check on friday, make sure that it's not sky rocketing unreasonably. sigh. but, what can ya do?
we only have a few things left to do to be (chuckle) “ready” for this baby. the room is almost ready, we need to set up the cradle, sort the clothes… and that's about it! although i have this weird feeling that this baby is not going to come until those things are done! ack! maybe i should just finish this all tonight!!!


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