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what a weekend!

on July 7, 2003

whew! keyzia, or should i say, keyzia's momma and daddy, survived her first overnight trip!! we both missed her a lot… but, i'm glad it was jen who had her the first time, and the beastie had a fabulous time playing with “nona” (noah). i was extremely glad to have her back saturday night, and she complied by being ultra cute. and then, yesterday, she slept from 1:30 until 6!! what did jen do to the poor kid!
friday was pretty crazy… i had to take ja to work, drop the beastie off at jen's, then scoot over to pick manda up from the go station… but, it was great to have manda here. i finally gave her her birthday present, a mere 7 months late, and we had lots of chats.
sunday, however, the shit hit the fan, so to speak, ja took manda to the go station in the morning, then we went to church, then about 5:00, my sister called in a panic because she had been in a car accident. as soon as i asked her where she was, ja had his pants on (why were they off, you ask? that is another story!!) and his keys in his hand. poor kid, her first accident, and she's pretty bruised up.
so, i must say, i am glad that the weekend is over! i think a nap is definitely in store for us today!


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