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A Camping we did go!

on July 1, 2003

we went camping saturday and sunday at a place up near Kaladar called Woodland Park. Our first experience camping with a munchkin! However, we did go with two other couples, Natalie and Mike, & Rachel and Jamie… we were hoping that 6 adults would greatly improve our odds against one little munchkin.
she absolutely LOVED it! We swam, we walked, we played in a giant sand pile with Tonka trucks… we generally got filthy and got to be outside the whole time!! She napped in the tent, and although she was up at 5:20 AM, she slept pretty well all night too.
the only downfall was the day we left… just as we were packing up the tent, a huge thunderstorm blew in, soaking just about everything and everyone… except, of course the beastie who we trapped under a tarp in her playpen while the rest of us ran around like maniacs trying to get everything ready.
all in all, now that the tent has been re-set up in our yard, dried out and packed properly, the trip was a success. although, the next time i go camping at 7 months pregnant, we better darned well pack our bed too!!


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